Welcome to Dorchester Chiropractic Clinic

The clinic is focussed on providing a unique and individual service to all patients.  The primary focus of the clinic is to provide excellent Chiropractic care in a calm and reassuring environment.


We take detailed medical history and examine both cause and effect to make sure we deliver treatment that will ease pain and restore function.  The essence of our treatment is to find the cause of pain or functional impairment and resolve it.  Pain killers mask the symptom but cannot work with you to resolve the underlying problem.


Chiropractic treatment of low back is supported by the NICE guidelines (National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence provides guidance to help health care professionals deliver the best possible care based on the best available evidence). There is evidence that shows chiropractic is a sound and proven treatment for back pain and NO GP referral is needed.


Some of the things we are approached to treat are:


        •        Neck pain

        •        Pelvic pain

        •        Low back pain

        •        Hip pain

        •        Leg Pain

        •        Knee pain

        •        Ankle and foot pain

        •        Pins & needles

        •        Numbness

        •        Spasms and cramps

        •        Headache arising from the neck

        •        Migraine prevention 

        •        Shoulder pain and frozen shoulder

        •        Tennis elbow

        •        Upper back and rib pain

        •        Tension or inability to relax

        •        Headaches and dizziness

        •        Back pain / Lumbago

        •        Migraines

        •        Elbow, wrist & hand pain

        •        Pins and needles

        •        Joint, posture and muscle problems

        •        Numbness in hands and feet

        •        Pregnancy discomforts

        •        Sports injuries


Why not contact the clinic to discuss these or other pain problems you have?  This website  contains some basic information, links to professional bodies and sources of additional information but for a more individual answer we recommend you contact us. 

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